Best way to delight someone special!

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Send fun, tantalizing and romatic text messages from your Android Phone to your honey, automatically! (Your honey doesn’t need an Android – any old cell phone will do!)

On Valentines day one different message is sent per hour, for the entire day! Each message is one of your choosing, or you can create and edit your own*.

ValentineValet is very easy to use – you set it up once, and forget it!

What a great gift! What a great way to tell your special person that they are the one – once per hour, for an entire day!

Note: You need an Android, but your honey can have any old cell phone!

  • Hundreds of great messages to choose from included MessagePak
  • More MessagePak’s on the way
  • Fully automatic – set it and forget it.
  • Messages sent to any cell phone equipped to receive ordinary text messages
  • Easy to set up, easy to use

What a great way to tell your significant other you care!

* (editing is coming soon).

  • How to obtain and install ValentineValet

    Use one of three methods:

    1. Go to Android Market on your Android phone and Search for Valentine Valet.

    2. Click on this link in a browser (on your Android phone or off):

    3. Using the Android app Barcode Scanner, scan this barcode:

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